Carambola Botanical Gardens and Nature Trails Sandy Bay, Roatan, Honduras
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(Tours can be with or without a tour guide.)
Garden Tour
Jungle Walk & Garden Tour
Rain Forest Trail/Mountain & Garden Tour
The Bill Brady Tour

The Garden Tour
The Garden Tour is a must for every visitor and is sure to entertain you at every level. The guides are very knowledgeable, fun, and friendly. On this tour you will be introduced to a wide variety of Roatan tropical botanical species as well as interact with them through smell, touch, and taste. Learn about the growth, medicinal uses, and pleasurable aspects of Roatan Islands flowering plants, spices, fruit trees, hardwoods and extensive orchid collection. This informative, eco-mindful, educational tour will leave you with a camera full of interesting photos and a morning well spent enjoying a "Wonderful Walk with Nature"!

The Nature Trails begin at the Southern Periphery of the garden. They include The "Jungle Walk" along Mahogany Creek and The "Rain Forest" Mountain trail that leads to the summit of Carambola Mountain. Either one or both of the Nature Trails may be included in the Garden Tour.

The Jungle Walk & Garden Tour

Bridges over Mahogany Creek connect walkways that surround the visitor in an eco friendly natural jungle setting. Experience the creek below you and the dense jungle canopy above you for a truly wonderful adventure. Allow an additional 1/2 hour after your Carambola Garden Tour for a private walk, browse our gift shop or just sit and relax on one of our many decks.

The Rain Forest Trail and Mountain Tour

This trail winds its way through a dense tropical forest of Cahoon Palms and Island Hardwoods up to the summit of Carambola Mountain. A comfortable 20 minute hike will take you to the top. Be sure to bring your camera ! Along the way you will see an area where nature has provided almost a sheer cliff - thus protecting a natural iguana and parrot breeding ground historically known as the "Iguana Wall". As you leave the Jungle and reach the summit, a breath taking panoramic view opens up.


All the colors of the distant Coral Reef are laid out before you. Below you is Anthony's Key where the dolphin program is and visible to the West, over looking historic Gibson Bight, is Utila the smallest of the Bay Islands. Sit and relax on the summit deck before taking your short walk back to the valley and into the Garden.


While enjoying the summit of Carambola Mountain, zoom in with your camera and enjoy the dolphin show at Anthony's Key.


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